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23 April 14

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22 April 14

whoamigunnabuildrampsfornow asked: Hello! We were in the same little flickr universe eons ago and now here on tumblr I've been following you for ages. I just was wondering if there was a blog post regarding your trip to Iceland? I'd love to hear details of your trip and highlights! Might you be able to dig it up, or share? Xx


The best way to find my posts would be to click on my “iceland” tumblr tag. Obviously there are photos and such that are not from my trip, as I’ve had the tag for years of inspiration, but it’s easy to tell the difference. :)

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20 April 14

Madeline Silcock

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17 April 14

by julia morozova


by julia morozova

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15 April 14

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Some footage I took at random, during my lone, two-week, trip to Iceland, last Autumn. The first Part is set in Reykjavik to Sleeping At Lasts’ “Atlantic.” The second is when I set off, by car, to explore a bit of the South, featuring “The Ash is in Our Clothes,” also by Sleeping At Last (titles intentionally-fitted.) For myself, but please enjoy, if you will.

DISCLAIMER: The audio-alignment got really screwed up. Please don’t think the crazy mis-match and overlapping were my doing. haha
It took far too long for me to fix.


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14 April 14

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The Seaside by The Honey Trees

Won’t you stay?
Won’t you wait?

13 April 14

By The River by The Honey Trees

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Oregon by Lauren Withrow

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11 April 14

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Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh