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17 April 14

by julia morozova


by julia morozova

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15 April 14

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Some footage I took at random, during my lone, two-week, trip to Iceland, last Autumn. The first Part is set in Reykjavik to Sleeping At Lasts’ “Atlantic.” The second is when I set off, by car, to explore a bit of the South, featuring “The Ash is in Our Clothes,” also by Sleeping At Last (titles intentionally-fitted.) For myself, but please enjoy, if you will.

DISCLAIMER: The audio-alignment got really screwed up. Please don’t think the crazy mis-match and overlapping were my doing. haha
It took far too long for me to fix.


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14 April 14

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The Seaside by The Honey Trees

Won’t you stay?
Won’t you wait?

13 April 14

By The River by The Honey Trees

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Oregon by Lauren Withrow

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11 April 14

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10 April 14

Golden Crown by The Honey Trees

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how can we know truth? 
how can we seek endlessness?
the depths we keep buried in containment
do not match the shapes of our frames

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Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh